Thursday, May 9, 2013

Product Favorites: Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company

In college, I stumbled across a handmade soap company that quickly  became my favorite source of natural skin care products. Enter Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company. It is a family-owned and operated company that uses all natural ingredients (often organic) to create deliciously scented soaps, salves, and great recipes for hair and skin health!

I have tried so many of their soaps and products and I LOVE THEM ALL! To give you an idea of what all I use CVSSC for, here are a few things:

>> Deodorant (I use their Citrus Blossom variety)
>> Shampoo Bars (I use the Neem & Tea Tree Oil bar)
>> Facial Bar (I use their Neem & Tea Tree Oil bar for this, too! It's great for acne-prone skin)
>> Shaving Bar (I use their Herbal Mist bar for this)
>> Bath Soap (I use their Sea Salt and Seaweed Spa bar for this)

Since switching my skin care and bathing products to Chagrin Valley, I have nothing but awesome stuff to say about them. My skin is extremely prone to acne (when I'm not using antibiotics or other medical treatments) due to the fact that I have PCOS. Because I've been trying to reduce the amount of meds I take (other than my extremely necessary prescription antihistamine for my raging allergies) I am now taking nothing to help regulate my acne. Mercifully, their soap has kept my sensitive skin from breaking out (other than the normal spot here and there throughout the month). My skin is soft, glowing, and the Neem & Tea Tree Oil soap bar works wonders for keeping my skin from breaking out. 

I also use the Neem & Tea Tree Oil soap on my hair. I also have scalp psoriasis and their soap helps to control the itching and dandruff. It hasn't disappeared completely (yet) while using it, but it is certainly getting MUCH better. I also use a vinegar rinse with my shampoo routine (which I'll do a post on later). 

Their deodorant was a LIFE SAVER. When using conventional deodorants, I would scratch my armpits in my sleep until I'd wake up and they were bleeding a bit (TMI...sorry). I told my dermatologist about it and she said I was probably allergic to the ingredients (GREAT). So, she suggested I switch to just using baking soda. So, for a while that worked fine until it started to burn my skin. Because I do martial arts and sweat a TON while working out, I knew I needed something that would do the job without destroying my skin. Enter Chagrin Valley's amazing deodorant creams. They are hands down the best I've ever used and keep me nice and odor-free throughout hardcore taekwondo and hapkido workouts. Their stuff also doesn't destroy my sensitive skin. I LOVE THEM!

Read more about their company's story here. Check out the die-hard fans' testimonials here! GO CHECK OUT THEIR PRODUCTS! If you're looking for a natural skin care//hair care company, look no further. You'll love them, I promise

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