Friday, May 24, 2013

Successfully Growing Out a Pixie Cut Without Trims

It CAN be done, folks. I PROMISE. Here are some fun pictures to prove it! Now, these pictures are from back in '07/'08 when I first attempted growing out a pixie. I successfully made it to shoulder-length! I did cut it back to a bob later that year (which I regretted), but it really was a painless, trim-free grow-out and I wanted to share it with you if you're looking for some inspiration. :-)

This is me *roughly* at the start of my growing journey. This was October 2007. I don't think I had fully decided to grow it out at this point. This was just, "I'm a poor college kid who hasn't gotten a haircut in a couple months due to funds being...well...'college-kid-level-low'"... I officially started in November, so any time-lapse information you see will be based on November as the starting point.

This was January 2008. As you can see, in just 3-ish to 4 months, it grew out a good bit (still no trims!) Sorry for red eye and poor camera quality again.
This is February 2008. Not a ton of growth evident from January to February at that time.
This was in April 2008. So about five months growth here. I looked a bit like Charlie Brown's sister for a bit, but it was still fun and was REALLY easy to accessorize with clips, bobby pins, etc. It also looked really cute with sunglasses as a "headband".

The two pics above are from my 20th birthday (June 30, 2008). As you can see, I could french braid it into pig tails at this point (even with all those layers) and it is most DEFINITELY out of the pixie stage. (7ish months of growth here, no trims.)
And this is August, 2008. After 9 months of growing (with no trims), I was here. Super cute with lots of layers and fun to style with accessories. Sorry the picture is blurry. This is the best picture I have of this stage. If you're curious about that sort of thing, my hair was below my shoulders in the back, but not quite "arm-pit length" (classy, I know...)

After this (instead of getting a small shaping trim like I should have), I cut it back to a bob and then grew it out from the bob back to my shoulders. I'll be honest, folks. I much prefer just growing the pixie without trims rather than micro-trimming to a bob. Bob to shoulders was MUCH more awkward and unattractive on me than the pixie with no trims (in my opinion). 

As you can see, it is totally possible to grow out a pixie attractively without trims. However, you have to consider your own face shape, preferences, and desires. If you just can't imagine the lack of control with just letting your hair grow free, then just get the trims! You'll have peace of mind and you'll be happier. If, however, you're a free spirit and you don't really care what your hair's up to, just let it grow and don't think much about it. Before you know it, it'll be brushing your shoulders and you can do all kinds of new stuff with it! Don't be afraid of scarves, hats, headbands, clips, bobby pins, etc. during the grow-out process. Have FUN! It's just hair. :-P

Ever grown out a pixie before? What was your method//approach? What made you the happiest during your grow-out? What made you the most frustrated?

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